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Lenso Teminal Co.,Ltd. provide quality storage tank, distribution, repacking and transportation service. We are fully aware of good quality service, good health, good safety and security of employees, and good environment. We commit to comply with requirement and continually improve the effectiveness of service. Framework are implemented and communicated to all employees, stakeholders and public as well This QHSSE policy;

  • Has been developed by the management team and is communicated to employees and stakeholders.
  • Is core-values and would be continually improved, all management of change would be done to maintain a positive QHSSE culture.
  • Commit to monitoring reviewing measurable objective & targets
  • Consistently meet and exceed customer satisfaction
  • Identify and manage or eliminate safety risks associated with our activities to ensure health safety and security of employees, stakeholders, contractors and customers, protecting the environment and operational integrity.
  • Prevent pollution, conserve natural resources to safeguards the environment for sustainable development.
  • Comply with laws, regulations and requirements.
  • Provide training and conduct operations in manner that safeguard People, Asset, customer’s Assets and Environment.
  • Train all staff to respond quickly and effectively manage any emergencies resulting from our operations.
  • This policy would be reviewed as an agenda item during the management review process where amendments are made the last version will be made available to all employees and stakeholders